Families and parenting relationships counsellor

Like most parents out there, I had no idea about parenting, except of course what I’d learnt vicariously, through my own parents. For most of my children’s younger life I was a stay-at-home mum and can I say, it has been by far the hardest job I’ve ever had!!! After my fourth and last child went to school, a marriage breakdown, re-marrying this gorgeous guy who had been widowed and had five children, I decided to study and completed a Social Work degree. Currently I’m studying for my Master’s degree in child psychotherapy! How crazy is that!

All my life experiences both mothering and in my work have contributed towards the passion I feel about the role of parenting or caring for children. Children are our future and it’s an important role that sometimes can be over-looked in the hassle and bustle of life. I love working with children and families, and of course wish what I knew now back when my children were younger. Having said this, one IMPORTANT thing I have learnt: It’s never too late!

Parenting is about being in caring and nurturing relationship with your child. It is from this stance that your child can grow up feeling increasing confidence in themselves and in their relationships with others; confident to make mistakes, seek help if needed, and persistence to try something hard again. Isn’t this possibly what we all want for our children??

Here I have discussed some of the obstacles we may find and a lens with which to ‘read’ your child’s needs. If you would like more information on parenting why not subscribe to my newsletter by filling in your details in the box on the right hand side of this page or visit the Parenting Mindfully website which provides additional information on parenting issues.