Hi. I am Kate Haughey. I am a child and family focused Social Worker and therapeutic counsellor with a strong background in working with parents and families who have experienced intergenerational, complex trauma.

I enjoy helping parents succeed in the most challenging and crucial role of their lives.

I excel in building strong therapeutic relationships with clients, with documented success in bringing about positive change for my clients. I am also skilled in building collaborative practice with other organizations and equal strengths in teamwork and case management which is backed by solid credentials.

I have been a practicing counsellor for over 10 years, and I have worked with both not-for-profit organizations and government agencies dedicated to supporting families. A large part of my work has been informed by Attachment Theory and Relational Theory.

I am also a qualified Circle of Security (COS) Facilitator for both the more intensive 20-week COS course and the Circle of Security (COS-P) 8-week course and have extensive experience facilitating both in groups and individually.

I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband Greg. We are the proud parents of 9 children (Greg’s 5 and Kate’s 4) and grandparents of 7 children. We take great pride and joy in our very extended family which is scattered across a number of states of Australia.

I am the driving force behind Greg and my extended family. No birthday or other notable family event goes uncelebrated or unacknowledged as I weave these commitments through my otherwise demanding work and personal life.

I am an avid reader and I belong to a book club of equally enthusiastic ladies. I am also an accomplished cook being influenced by my family’s Italian connections via my mother and her upbringing in a family whose focus was very much on family and food as a means of connecting.

Like most parents out there, I had no idea about parenting, except of course what I’d learnt vicariously, through my own parents. For most of my children’s younger life I was a stay-at-home mum, and can I say, it has been by far the hardest job I’ve ever had!!!

After my fourth and last child went to school, a marriage breakdown, re-marrying this gorgeous guy who had been widowed and had five children. I then decided to study and complete a Bachelor of Social Work degree and later following that up with a master’s degree in child psychotherapy! How crazy is that!
I am keen to share my knowledge and help as many parents and families as I can and I believe that the Internet offers me the best opportunity to do so.

Recently I attended a number of courses on website construction and management including a course on creating and using webinars to improve my effectiveness and reach to help me achieve my goal.